Home Organization


We will organize any room. Your home/work office, closets, kitchen/pantry, bedroom, living room, bathroom, playrooms, and more. We will even organize your paper and implement a sustainable paper management system. If you so desire, we will even professionally train your staff on the systems set in place so that they can work within the new flow. When we say full-service organization services, we mean it. For details of what and how we’ve met our client’s needs and helped them transition into living their lives better, see our testimonials.

Flexible Formats

Virtual & DIY

Live outside our service area? Prefer DIY and need an accountability partner so you get organized and on with life? Done Neatly offers in-depth, professional DIY virtual organization services customized to your needs. Get any area of your home into shape. Our Virtual DIY organizing services include phone and email correspondence throughout the entirety of your project. We will design a complete set of step-by-step actionables on how to transform your space and healthify that habitat. You will be also provided with a customized shopping list and directions on placement.

Minimize Moving Stress

Move Management & Unpacking Organization

We know the feeling: midway through about three loads of laundry, you collapse in a heap on your bed, surrounded by piles of clothing and half-open suitcases. You have pump-up music blaring in the background, or a movie to make the time go by. You want tomorrow to be here already so you’ll be DONE, but hey — that involves getting through the next slow, painful hours. That’s where we can come in to help and you can relax knowing you’ll have a new fully-organized new space to make home.

Let’s Get Started.

Provide us with some detail about your project and save 15% on your first service. Now, let’s make your home your zen zone.